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Asia : China Hong Kong Macau Taiwan Japan Korea Australia 18 Countries 8 Days 4GB 4G/3G Travel Data Roaming Sim Card

Size (mm): 45 x 55 x 2 Includes: 1 x 3-in-1 Sim Card (Standard, Micro and Nano Sim) Available in 18 Countries: 1. China NEW! 2. Japan 3. South Korea 4. Singapore 5. Malaysia 6. Hong Kong 7. Laos 8. India 9. Taiwan 10. Macao 11. Philippines 12. Cambodia 13. Myanmar 14. Australia 15. Nepal 16. Indonesia 17. Qatar 18. Sri Lanka NOTE : •For India, it’s not available in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Jammu and Kashmir •4G or 3G usage depends on capability of network operator in each country How to use:

1. Insert sim card on your phone 2. No registration required. 3-in-1 sim card; Compatible with standard sim, micro sim, and nano sim size devices 3. Turn cellular data “ON” on your phone settings 4. Turn data roaming “ON” on your phone settings 5. Simple SIM card activation. Just use internet, SIM will be activated automatically. 6. You can activate SIM card while abroad. 7. For iPhone user, if you cannot use internet while aboard, please check the settings on your phone by going to Settings > General > Profile. If you see an unusual profile, please remove it. 8. Compatible with voice / call functions on social media apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Line, etc. 9. Check the amount of data you have available at max speed please dial: *111*6# 10. Check your balance on your card by dialing: *121# 11. Provided by mobile network operator AIS from Thailand 12. Hotspot & Tethering enabled

13. Once the 4GB is used up, customers can still use the internet at a speed of 128Kbps until the 8-day period expires.

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Japan 4gb 8 days sim card

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